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Moldova - Rule of Law Institutional Strengthening Program
USAID (2012 - 2016)
In March 2012, USAID awarded Checchi a four-year contract to implement the Rule of Law Institutional Strengthening Program (ROLISP) in Moldova. Checchi advisors will work with Moldovan counterparts to help strengthen the institutional capacity, transparency and accountability of key justice sector institutions in order to enhance the independence and effectiveness of the judiciary. Among other activities, the Program will help judicial institutions to effectively oversee the work of the courts; improve system-wide management to ensure that courts are meeting performance standards; institutionalize modern court administration and budgeting practices; increase the capacity of the National Institute of Justice to train judges, prosecutors and court administrators; and increase the capacity of civil society organizations to monitor and advocate for justice sector reform. By strengthening the stability and efficiency of institutions responsible for safeguarding democracy and the rule of law in Moldova, ROLISP will contribute to an increased capacity of the judiciary to respond to citizens’ needs.
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Moldova - Business Regulatory and Tax Administration Reform Project
USAID (2007 - 2010)
The Business Regulatory and Tax Administration Reform (BRTA) Project sought to improve Moldova's business enabling environment by reducing the administrative burdens on the private sector, streamlining tax administration, curtailing opportunities for corruption, and improving the access for citizens and businesses to government information. The BRTA Project placed considerable emphasis on promoting public awareness and support for policy reforms to create a better business environment. It also stressed the creative deployment of information and communications technology (ICT) to facilitate transparent data management, streamlined administrative processes, and enhanced private-public sector partnerships. As a subcontractor to DAI, Checchi provided support in the area of tax administration reform.
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Moldova – Millennium Challenge Account Governance Threshold Program
USAID (2007 - 2009)
As part of a consortium led by Millennium/IP3 Partners, Checchi provided long-term and short-term technical assistance to support the judicial reform and tax administration reform components of the Program. Checchi advisors worked to increase transparency and accountability by modernizing court processes, strengthening the monitoring capacity of civil society, and enhancing the use of information and communications technology within the judicial system, and by enabling the standardization and automation of tax assessment and collection procedures.
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