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Africa - Evaluation of Africa Bureau Anti-Corruption Initiative
USAID (2006)
USAID's Africa Bureau Anti-Corruption Initiative (ACI) is a five-year program to fund anti-corruption efforts in Sub-Saharan African countries, with the goal of reducing corruption in countries that have embraced principles of good governance and demonstrated a commitment to reform. Checchi conducted a mid-term evaluation of this program, with emphasis on program effectiveness and value added to USAID's overall anti-corruption programming in Africa. The research phase of the evaluation included site visits to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Benin, Nigeria, Madagascar, and South Africa.
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Tanzania - Study of Administrative Support Requirements of Legal Sector Institutions
Government of Tanzania/World Bank (2004)
To support the Government of Tanzania's World Bank-financed Legal Sector Reform Programme, Checchi made a comprehensive assessment of the administrative support requirements of the Tanzanian judiciary, legal registries, and other legal institutions and commissions. The study provided recommendations with respect to the roles and functions of administrative support staff, recruitment strategies, training and capacity-building programs, and remuneration policy.
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Tanzania - Evaluation of Rural Roads Program
USAID (2002)
The purpose of this evaluation was to determine the impact and relevance of USAID/Tanzania's Rural Roads Program in the context of the Mission's revised private sector development strategy and increased interest in agricultural development. Focal evaluation issues included the sustainability of road maintenance, monitoring and evaluation of program performance, and the participation and effectiveness of the Tanzanian Government in program decision-making.
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Africa - Evaluation of Famine Early Warning Systems
USAID (2000)
Checchi and Louis Berger conducted this evaluation of the effectiveness of the Famine Early Warning System (FEWS) for the Sustainable Development Office of USAID's Africa Bureau. The evaluation team traveled to 13 countries (Ethiopia, Mali, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Niger, Mauritania, and Chad) to assess FEWS performance in providing timely and credible early warning of conditions affecting food availability and access, response planning to acute food security threats, and capacity development.
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Tanzania - Evaluation of Social Action Trust Fund Program
USAID (2003 - 2000)
This evaluation assessed the performance and sustainability of USAID/Tanzania's Social Action Trust Fund (SATF) program, which was created with the dual objectives of: (1) improving access to credit for SMEs and microenterprises through a investment fund and micro credit facility, and (2) using profits from the investment fund to provide educational grants to AIDS orphans. Focal evaluation issues included the soundness of SATF management procedures, portfolio diversity, and return on investment; the socio-economic and financial impacts of SATF's role as a financial intermediary; and the effectiveness and impact of the educational grants.
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Tanzania - Strategic Planning for USAID Health and Population Activities
USAID (2000)
USAID/Tanzania wanted to review its support to the health and population sector to ensure that it complemented the new national strategies of the Ministry of Health. Checchi was contracted to assist USAID and its partner agencies with this strategic planning exercise by managing the collaborative program review process. The strategic planning team arranged and facilitated a series of consensus-building meetings for policy-level officials and other stakeholders, culminating in a five-day workshop where participants revised USAID's strategic objectives for the sector and helped formulate practical "results packages" to enhance the use of USAID resources allocated to health and population programs.
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