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Bolivia - Administration of Justice Program
USAID (2005 - 2010)
In February 2005, USAID awarded Checchi a four-year contract to implement the Bolivia Administration of Justice Program. The Program had three principal objectives: (1) strengthening the capacity of justice sector operators and institutions to successfully implement a new Criminal Procedure Code; (2) increasing access to justice through support for the establishment and expansion of Integrated Justice Centers; and (3) developing and promoting commercial and administrative law reforms. The first objective emphasized technical assistance and training activities to strengthen the Judicial Branch, the Public Ministry, the Public Defender's Office and the Forensic Investigation Institute. The second objective focused on technical assistance to expand the Integrated Justice Center Model, which provides mediation and other justice-related services to marginalized communities. With respect to the third objective, Checchi strengthened specialized commercial and administrative courts, as well as supported the establishment of arbitration and mediation centers at the national level.
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Bolivia - Market Access and Poverty Alleviation Assessment
USAID (2003)
The Market Access and Poverty Alleviation (MAPA) project was designed to increase the incomes of the rural poor in the Valleys and Yungas regions of Bolivia by improving producer access to markets and stimulating market demand for priority crops and services, while building a viable system of agricultural innovation organizations capable of replicating MAPA techniques and successes on a sustainable basis. This evaluation, conducted by two senior specialists in agricultural program and policy implementation, focused on project accomplishments to date, measurable impacts on poverty reduction, and the effectiveness and sustainability of project interventions.
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Bolivia - Food Aid Program Final Impact Evaluation
USAID (2002)
This final impact evaluation of USAID/Bolivia's food aid program covered activities implemented over a five-year period (FY 1997 - 2001) in the areas of agricultural productivity, maternal and child health, community water and basic sanitation, and food-for-education. Evaluation issues included the impact of food aid interventions on food security, the effectiveness of program management and monitoring systems, and program contributions to municipal development and community leadership capacity-building.
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