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Madagascar - Legal Support Services
Millennium Challenge Corporation (2005 - 2006)
Madagascar was the first Compact-eligible country selected by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the first country to negotiate a Compact with the MCC. Checchi, with a law firm as subcontractor, is one of five holders of the MCC's Legal Support Services Indefinite Quantity Contracts. Checchi was awarded the first MCC task order to assist in completing the necessary legal documentation, both for the MCC and for the government of Madagascar, required for the Madagascar Compact to be executed and implemented.
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Madagascar - Legal, Regulatory, and Judicial Reform Project
USAID (1998 - 2001)
To reverse the downward spiral of its economy, Madagascar faced the imperative of creating a legal environment more conducive to private sector investment and development. Under this project, Checchi provided assistance to the process of business law reform and helped to create and implement alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms. The Project's Business Law Reform component focused on improving the legal framework for trade and investment, assisting the government of Madagascar in applying international best practices in redrafting and updating its property, company, financial and labor laws. In ADR, Checchi provided commentary on Madagascar's draft Arbitration Law, leading to the incorporation of UNCITRAL principles in the law as enacted by the National Assembly, helped establish the Madagascar Arbitration and Mediation Association, and worked to build arbitration and mediation capacity and demand.
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Africa - Evaluation of Africa Bureau Anti-Corruption Initiative
USAID (2006)
USAID's Africa Bureau Anti-Corruption Initiative (ACI) is a five-year program to fund anti-corruption efforts in Sub-Saharan African countries, with the goal of reducing corruption in countries that have embraced principles of good governance and demonstrated a commitment to reform. Checchi conducted a mid-term evaluation of this program, with emphasis on program effectiveness and value added to USAID's overall anti-corruption programming in Africa. The research phase of the evaluation included site visits to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Benin, Nigeria, Madagascar, and South Africa.
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