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Indonesia - Evaluation of Decentralization Capacity Building Programs
USAID (2005)
This final evaluation focused on results achieved and lessons learned from two components of USAID/Indonesia's decentralization support program. The evaluation team visited sites in Java and Sumatra to assess the extent to which project activities had helped arm local governments in Indonesia with the administrative tools they need to manage their new responsibilities in a transparent, efficient, and participatory manner. The team also examined issues of coordination with other technical assistance programs aimed at strengthening local government management and service delivery, and provided recommendations regarding the structure and approach of future USAID programs to support local governance in Indonesia.
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Indonesia - Economic Law, Institutional and Professional Strengthening Project (ELIPS II)
USAID (2001 - 2004)
The Economic Law, Institutional and Professional Strengthening (ELIPS II) activity was the fourth in a series of projects implemented by Checchi since 1992 to improve the legal and regulatory environment for business growth and investment in Indonesia. ELIPS II provided institution-building support and technical assistance to Indonesian institutions concerned with economic law development and regulatory enforcement, including the Ministry of Justice, the Competition Commission and other independent regulatory commissions, law schools, and professional associations. The project emphasized long-term training, particularly for members of the legal profession, and information and communication technology (ICT) applications. Checchi advisors also assisted in the drafting and socialization of economic laws and regulations, helped the regulatory commissions to function more effectively, and facilitated outreach programs to the media, the parliament, the commercial court system, local governments, and NGOs.
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Indonesia - Partnership for Economic Growth Activity
USAID (1998 - 2003)
Checchi was jointly responsible with Nathan Associates, Inc. for implementing the Partnership for Economic Growth (PEG) activity, at the time USAID's principal means of assisting Indonesia to restore investor confidence in the economy, strengthen economic and financial governance, and promote sustained liberalization of domestic competition and international trade. A team of long-term advisors and short-term experts provided analytical support on key policy issues to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Business, the National Planning Agency, and the Central Bank. PEG also managed a $5 million program of grants to partnered U.S. and Indonesian organizations aimed at developing Indonesian policy-making capabilities. PEG grantees were involved in supporting the implementation of Indonesia's new competition law, promoting policy reform in the small enterprise sector, capacity building on decentralization issues, and related institutional strengthening and policy initiatives.
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Indonesia - CLEAN Urban Project Final Evaluation
USAID (2002)
A team of U.S. and Indonesian specialists in policy analysis, community participation, and decentralized local government conducted the final evaluation of USAID/Indonesia's Coordinated Local Environmental Action Network (CLEAN-Urban) project. The CLEAN-Urban project was designed to increase community participation in local government decision-making; improve the regulatory framework for the provision and financing of urban services; and strengthen the administrative and financial management capacity of local governments. The evaluation focused on activities that had been carried over to a successor project, including participatory planning of local capital investments and policy assistance on decentralized local government administration and fiscal decentralization.
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Indonesia - Promoting Deregulation and Competition Project
Asian Development Bank (2001 - 2002)
As part of a comprehensive effort to strengthen the competitive environment for economic activity, Indonesia established an independent regulatory commission to investigate and adjudicate complaints of anti-competitive practices, and a task force to review and streamline the regulatory framework. Under the Promoting Deregulation and Competition (PDC) project, Checchi helped build the capacity of the commission and the task force to identify and evaluate government policies, laws, and regulations that inhibit competition. This assistance included establishing a framework and procedures for screening policy and regulatory proposals and conducting public benefits reviews, identifying regulations imposing high compliance costs on small businesses, and organizing policy dissemination and outreach activities.
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Indonesia - Economic Law and Improved Procurement Systems Project (ELIPS I)
USAID (1992 - 2001)
Checchi was the prime contractor for this project to provide technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia in the areas of economic law development, legal training, legal information systems development, and procurement management development. The purpose of the project was to modernize the commercial law and government procurement regimes in Indonesia, thereby improving the environment for business growth and foreign investment. Long-term advisors worked with Indonesian government agencies and law schools to implement the four project components. Technical assistance activities included research and drafting of commercial laws and legislation; upgrading of the commercial law curriculum at the University of Indonesia and other leading law schools; strengthening of government procurement regulations and practices; and establishing a system for collecting, storing, and disseminating legal information.
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