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Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - Evaluation of Financial Sector Programs
USAID (2003)
This evaluation covered two components of USAID's strategy to improve the environment for the growth of small and medium enterprises in Central Asia: (1) the Financial Sector Initiative (FSI) to strengthen financial markets in Kazakhstan with a focus on the insurance, pension, and mortgage industries; (2) the Banking Supervision Project (BSP) to develop the capacity of the national banks of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to comply with best practices in banking supervision. The evaluators examined the impact of both projects on the growth of SMEs, the effectiveness of project interventions, and sustainability prospects and constraints with respect to the new financial instruments introduced and the capacity of the national banks to regulate the banking sector.
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ENI Region - Study of Private Enterprise Development
USAID (1998 - 2000)
Checchi participated in a study of factors affecting the growth and development of private enterprise in the ENI Region during the period of transition from centrally planned to market economies. The work focused on the causes of economic growth and relationships between such growth and USAID assistance efforts in four countries (Russia, Latvia, Romania, and Kazakhstan), representing varying policy environments. Each country study involved development of macroeconomic and industry profiles, a structured survey of representative enterprises, and estimates of the impact of U.S. assistance on U.S. commercial activity. The final report included recommendations on future USAID program priorities.
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