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Kyrgyzstan - Infrastructure for a Market Economy Project
USAID (1999 - 2006)
The Legal Infrastructure for a Market Economy (LIME) Project provided technical assistance to develop commercial law and a modern legal culture in Kyrgyzstan. The Project worked with government counterparts to draft and review legislation and develop new legal structures; organized seminars and workshops for legal professionals, educators, and the business community on current law and practice; and promoted legal awareness by producing and broadly distributing a wide range of legal information products. The Project played an active role in drafting efforts related to the Land Code, the Law on Land Governance, the Law on Commercial Arbitration, the Civil Code, the Tax Code, and other commercial legislation. Project personnel also worked directly with businessmen and civil society groups to teach them how to use the law in their work and in their daily lives.
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Kyrgyzstan - Strengthening Corporate Governance and Judicial Reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic
Asian Development Bank (2002 - 2003)
Checchi implemented this two-part technical assistance project to support a major program of corporate governance and enterprise reforms by the Kyrgyz Government. Part 1 included advisory and capacity building support with respect to: (i) promotion of corporate sector development and corporate governance; (ii) improving the legal and regulatory framework for corporate governance; and (iii) the introduction of international accounting standards. Part 2 focused on assisting the new Judicial Advisory Commission to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of legal and judicial sector weaknesses and disseminate the findings of the assessment within the judiciary, civil society, the private sector, and the donor community. The international technical assistance team, consisting of five specialists in various aspects of corporate governance and judicial reform, was responsible for supervising and guiding the work of 12 locally-recruited accountants and legal consultants.
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Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - Evaluation of Financial Sector Programs
USAID (2003)
This evaluation covered two components of USAID's strategy to improve the environment for the growth of small and medium enterprises in Central Asia: (1) the Financial Sector Initiative (FSI) to strengthen financial markets in Kazakhstan with a focus on the insurance, pension, and mortgage industries; (2) the Banking Supervision Project (BSP) to develop the capacity of the national banks of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to comply with best practices in banking supervision. The evaluators examined the impact of both projects on the growth of SMEs, the effectiveness of project interventions, and sustainability prospects and constraints with respect to the new financial instruments introduced and the capacity of the national banks to regulate the banking sector.
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Kyrgyzstan - Regulatory Reform Project
USAID (1999 - 2002)
Checchi was a prime contractor for this two-year project to improve the business climate and investment regime in the Kyrgyz Republic by reducing the high burden of regulatory requirements, with emphasis on small businesses and agribusiness enterprises. In addition to core areas of regulatory reform (business registration, licensing, inspections, standards and certifications), the scope of the project included modernization of administrative laws and procedures, capacity building in policy analysis and regulatory impact analysis skills; and development of pilot regulatory reform activities at the local level. Among other activities, Checchi assisted in preparing a data bank of business regulations; modernizing procedures for certifications and standards; rationalizing inspection requirements; conducting pilot projects in two localities; and training officials in policy analysis and cost-benefit analysis of licensing proposals.
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