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Kosovo - Contract Law Enforcement
USAID (2013 - 2018)
In May 2013, Checchi Consulting was awarded a three-year contract by USAID to implement the Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo. The CLE Program will build upon the accomplishments of the Kosovo SEAD Program, which was implemented by the Company from 2009 to 2012. The CLE Program has two components. Under the first component, the Company will work to make the enforcement of civil judgments more effective and efficient; establish a new enforcement system; and reduce the backlog of enforcement cases in the court system. Checchi advisors will help develop standard operating procedures and performance standards for court enforcement personnel, as well as support the Ministry of Justice in drafting and promulgating regulations for the system’s operation. Under the second component, Checchi advisors will work with the Ministry of Justice and other government counterparts to develop new commercial legislation, with a focus on secondary legislation for the recently-enacted Law on Obligations. The Company also will help establish mediation offices in conjunction with the courts through the second component of the Program.

In April 2016, Checchi Consulting received a 22-month extension of its contract to implement the USAID-funded Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo. During the extension period, the Company will provide technical assistance to the courts to resolve approximately 100,000 cases in order to eliminate the enforcement backlog, as well as improve the statistical reporting on enforcement cases done by the courts and the Kosovo Judicial Council. Activities in commercial law will be continued, resulting in the finalization and implementation of new laws pertaining to bankruptcy, late payments, business organization and mediation. All activities will be accompanied by public education and outreach efforts to ensure that the business community, and citizens in general, are aware of changes to enforcement systems and the commercial law framework.
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Kosovo - Effective Rule of Law
USAID (2011 - 2015)
In March 2011, USAID awarded Checchi a contract to implement the Effective Rule of Law (EROL) Program in Kosovo. The aim of this four-year effort is to promote the independent and effective operation of the justice system in Kosovo. The Program is working to facilitate the strengthening of the courts, the Ministry of Justice, the Judicial Council and the Judicial Institute, as well as other justice sector institutions. Among other activities, Checchi is providing technical assistance to enhance the Judicial Institute’s capacity for training judges, prosecutors and court administrators; strengthen the Judicial Council’s ability to fulfill its oversight and disciplinary functions; and help with the streamlining and modernization of the court system. In addition, the Program is working to increase public understanding of the justice system by working closely with local civil society organizations.
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Kosovo – Systems for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) Program
USAID (2009 - 2012)
Since achieving independence in 2008, Kosovo has faced the challenge of establishing a system for enforcing legal agreements and court decisions that are necessary to stimulate domestic economic growth and foreign investment. In particular, the responsibility given to municipal court judges for executing utility bills and other minor claims has left the courts with large backlogs of civil cases and diverted resources from protecting the contract and property rights of citizens and businesses. As USAID's implementing partner for the SEAD Program, Checchi is working with local institutions to address these challenges through the introduction of stronger enforcement and dispute resolution mechanisms. Program components focus on promoting the acceptance and use of standardized contracts and binding obligations in commercial transactions, streamlining procedures for the enforcement of judgments, and developing an effective system for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Kosovo that is consistent with international standards.
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Kosovo - Evaluation of Justice System Reform Activity
USAID (2006)
This evaluation examined the efficiency, impact, sustainability and relevance of activities implemented under a $13.6 million program to support the development of the institutional and legal framework for the Kosovar judiciary. Checchi provided two justice sector development specialists, who were joined in the field by a USAID representative. The team's on-site research and evaluation report focused on contractor performance, lessons learned, and recommendations for future USAID assistance to the justice sector.
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Kosovo - Impact Evaluation of Economic Restructuring Program
Checchi and Louis Berger International, Inc. collaborated on a strategic evaluation of USAID's Economic Reconstruction Program in Kosovo, focusing on the effectiveness and sustainability of technical assistance in macroeconomic and fiscal policy, banking regulation, privatization and related areas. The evaluation team documented progress made and lessons learned from a major economic restructuring program launched in the aftermath of the 1999 Kosovo conflict, and identified promising areas for future assistance.
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