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Central Asian Republics
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Central Asia - Evaluation of Civic Education Programs
USAID (2003)
The purpose of this task order was to assess the role of USAID-funded civic education programs in strengthening democratic culture among citizens and local institutions in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. A key area of inquiry was the extent to which the programs had increased the availability of information on civic rights and domestic public issues and enhanced opportunities for citizen participation in governance. The assessment also provided recommendations for program improvements and strategic guidelines for USAID's future civic education programming in Central Asia.
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Central Asia - Commercial Law Drafting Project
USAID (1998 - 2001)
Building on work under a prior contract to strengthen the commercial law framework in Central Asia, Checchi specialists assisted in drafting, revising, and implementing commercial legislation in such key areas as bankruptcy, collateral law, the Civil Code, and company law. In Kyrgyzstan, the team drafted practical commentaries on Part 1 of the Civil Code and helped implement systems necessary to utilize the new legislation, including a corporate registration system at the Ministry of Justice and a public notice filing system for security interests and other liens. In Kazakhstan, the team supported the establishment of the Legislative Drafting Institute. In Tajikistan, the team assisted the working group on drafting Part I of the Civil Code and designed and implemented workshops on drafting techniques.
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Central Asia - Evaluation of Social Action and Renewal Initiative
USAID (2001)
The Social Action and Renewal (ISAR) program was developed to encourage grassroots efforts to promote environmental protection through such methods as setting up regional partnerships, providing small grants and expert exchange opportunities, and bolstering the effectiveness and capacity of regional NGOs. Based on field investigations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, the evaluation team assessed how ISAR program components were contributing to USAID's assistance strategy for increasing citizens participation in political and economic decision making and reducing environmental risks to public health.
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Central Asia - Commercial Law Training Project
USAID (1998)
In 1995, Checchi initiated a commercial law training project in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan under the umbrella of the ARD/Checchi Rule of Law Consortiums legal institution-building program for the Newly Independent States (NIS). In 1998, after more than two years of successful training activities, ARD/Checchi received a second contract from USAID to continue the project in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and expand its reach to include Tajikistan. The technical assistance team developed and carried out a broad range of training programs for legal professionals, aimed at fostering the development of local training capacity and thereby establishing the basis for self-sustaining programs and ongoing institutional development.
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