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Azerbaijan - Evaluation of SME Accelerated Development Program
USAID (2004)
Checchi and Louis Berger International, Inc. collaborated on evaluations of two activities to accelerate development of small and medium-size agribusiness enterprises in Azerbaijan. Both evaluations were intended to inform USAID about the overall environment for agribusiness development, the sustainability of current efforts, and opportunities for future interventions in the sector.
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Azerbaijan - Legal Database Program Design
USAID (2003)
Checchi collaborated with ARD, Inc. on an assessment of Azerbaijan's legal framework documents and requirements for creating a codified legal database that would be accessible to legal professionals and the general public. The assessment team recommended a system for distributing legal documents over the Internet and on CDs that subsequently was implemented with USAID support.
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Azerbaijan - Private Sector Assessment
USAID (1999 - 2000)
A Checchi team assessed the status and needs of the private sector in Azerbaijan. The assessment identified constraints to business development, defined viable business opportunities, and recommended programmatic interventions for USAID to consider in developing a new strategy for promoting economic growth through private sector initiatives.
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