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Georgia - Public Procurement Reform, Government of Georgia
World Bank (2001)
In 1998, the government of Georgia initiated the development of a comprehensive legal and institutional framework to govern public procurement. Checchi was retained to provide legal advice and to ensure that the institutional framework was compatible with international norms and practices.
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Guatemala - Security and Justice Sector Reform Project
USAID (2012 - 2018)
In August 2012, Checchi was awarded a five-year contract to execute the Security and Justice Sector Reform Project (SJSRP) in Guatemala. The Project will support institutional strengthening and reform efforts in the Judicial Branch, the Attorney General’s Office, the National Civilian Police, and other security and justice sector institutions. Among other activities, Checchi advisors will provide technical assistance for a broad range of security and justice sector reform initiatives; strengthen civil society to help increase accountability and encourage citizen participation in security and justice sector issues; and assist with the implementation of key legislation in such areas as organized crime, human trafficking, and domestic and sexual violence. The company also will support the design and implementation of a career development program for police officers and officials of the National Civilian Police, implement improvements in court administration, and help establish legal assistance offices for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

In November 2015, Checchi received a modification that added activities intended to improve the investigation and prosecution of environmental crimes and modernize the Supreme Court's IT system.

In September 2016, Checchi received a one-year extension of the SJSRP (through August 2018) that expands the Project's anti-corruption and legal reform activities. Among other activities, the company will support the establishment and strengthening of specialized courts for high-profile corruption cases, strengthen specialized prosecutors’ offices for extortion and corruption cases, and help develop modern, transparent justice sector processes.
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Guatemala - Rule of Law Program
USAID (2004 - 2009)
Under the Guatemala Rule of Law Program, the company executed activities in the following areas: increasing the use of oral procedures in the criminal justice system; improving the prosecutorial capacity of the Public Ministry; strengthening the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Public Ministry; strengthening crime prevention efforts at both the national and local levels; increasing the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution; improving the quality of legal education; and helping civil society organizations to increase their capacities to advocate for justice sector reforms. A number of these activities built upon the accomplishments of the Guatemala Justice Program, also implemented by Checchi.
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Indonesia - Economic Law, Institutional and Professional Strengthening Project (ELIPS II)
USAID (2001 - 2004)
The Economic Law, Institutional and Professional Strengthening (ELIPS II) activity was the fourth in a series of projects implemented by Checchi since 1992 to improve the legal and regulatory environment for business growth and investment in Indonesia. ELIPS II provided institution-building support and technical assistance to Indonesian institutions concerned with economic law development and regulatory enforcement, including the Ministry of Justice, the Competition Commission and other independent regulatory commissions, law schools, and professional associations. The project emphasized long-term training, particularly for members of the legal profession, and information and communication technology (ICT) applications. Checchi advisors also assisted in the drafting and socialization of economic laws and regulations, helped the regulatory commissions to function more effectively, and facilitated outreach programs to the media, the parliament, the commercial court system, local governments, and NGOs.
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Indonesia - Economic Law and Improved Procurement Systems Project (ELIPS I)
USAID (1992 - 2001)
Checchi was the prime contractor for this project to provide technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia in the areas of economic law development, legal training, legal information systems development, and procurement management development. The purpose of the project was to modernize the commercial law and government procurement regimes in Indonesia, thereby improving the environment for business growth and foreign investment. Long-term advisors worked with Indonesian government agencies and law schools to implement the four project components. Technical assistance activities included research and drafting of commercial laws and legislation; upgrading of the commercial law curriculum at the University of Indonesia and other leading law schools; strengthening of government procurement regulations and practices; and establishing a system for collecting, storing, and disseminating legal information.
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Kosovo - Contract Law Enforcement
USAID (2013 - 2018)
In May 2013, Checchi Consulting was awarded a three-year contract by USAID to implement the Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo. The CLE Program will build upon the accomplishments of the Kosovo SEAD Program, which was implemented by the Company from 2009 to 2012. The CLE Program has two components. Under the first component, the Company will work to make the enforcement of civil judgments more effective and efficient; establish a new enforcement system; and reduce the backlog of enforcement cases in the court system. Checchi advisors will help develop standard operating procedures and performance standards for court enforcement personnel, as well as support the Ministry of Justice in drafting and promulgating regulations for the system’s operation. Under the second component, Checchi advisors will work with the Ministry of Justice and other government counterparts to develop new commercial legislation, with a focus on secondary legislation for the recently-enacted Law on Obligations. The Company also will help establish mediation offices in conjunction with the courts through the second component of the Program.

In April 2016, Checchi Consulting received a 22-month extension of its contract to implement the USAID-funded Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo. During the extension period, the Company will provide technical assistance to the courts to resolve approximately 100,000 cases in order to eliminate the enforcement backlog, as well as improve the statistical reporting on enforcement cases done by the courts and the Kosovo Judicial Council. Activities in commercial law will be continued, resulting in the finalization and implementation of new laws pertaining to bankruptcy, late payments, business organization and mediation. All activities will be accompanied by public education and outreach efforts to ensure that the business community, and citizens in general, are aware of changes to enforcement systems and the commercial law framework.
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Liberia - Legal Professional Development and Anti-Corruption Activity
USAID (2015 - 2020)
In July 2015, Checchi Consulting was awarded a five-year task order through the Rule of Law IQC to implement the USAID/Liberia Legal Professional Development and Anti-Corruption Activity. Through this task order, the company will help to promote a more effective and accountable formal justice sector by strengthening the institutions that provide legal training in Liberia. The company will provide technical assistance to the Judicial Institute, National Bar Association, Legal Information Institute, and the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law. Among other activities, the company will develop specialized training courses, design a new legal curriculum that includes a clinical legal education program, and mentor staff in improved administrative and financial procedures. In addition, the company will work to strengthen the Anti-corruption Commission in its ability to investigate and prosecute corruption-related crimes.
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Mali Justice Project
USAID (2015 - 2020)
In December 2015, Checchi Consulting was awarded a five-year task order through the Rule of Law IQC to implement the USAID/Mali Justice Project. The Company will work with the formal and informal justice sectors and civil society to advance institutional reforms, increase access to justice, and reduce corruption in order to enhance the delivery of justice services in Mali. The Company will provide technical assistance to improve the operational capacities of key justice sector institutions, especially the National Direction of Justice Administration (DNAJ) and the courts. The Company will also work with local NGOs to increase the availability of information regarding legal services, citizen rights, and justice-related reforms so that citizens better understand their rights under the Malian legal system. Finally, the Company will help establish targeted legal and advocacy services along key trade routes in order to reduce corruption.
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Mexico - Transparency Rapid Response Project
USAID (2016 - 2019)
In September 2016, Checchi Consulting was awarded a three-year task order by USAID/Mexico to implement the Transparency Rapid Response Project. The Company will support capacity-building of federal, state and local government institutions for the implementation of the National Anticorruption System. Among other activities, Checchi will support interinstitutional coordination, strengthen anticorruption networks in states and municipalities, help replicate the federal anticorruption structure in the states, and develop training initiatives for public institutions. The Company also will work to strengthen citizen participation and civil society oversight in order to increase transparency and government accountability.
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Moldova - Business Regulatory and Tax Administration Reform Project
USAID (2007 - 2010)
The Business Regulatory and Tax Administration Reform (BRTA) Project sought to improve Moldova's business enabling environment by reducing the administrative burdens on the private sector, streamlining tax administration, curtailing opportunities for corruption, and improving the access for citizens and businesses to government information. The BRTA Project placed considerable emphasis on promoting public awareness and support for policy reforms to create a better business environment. It also stressed the creative deployment of information and communications technology (ICT) to facilitate transparent data management, streamlined administrative processes, and enhanced private-public sector partnerships. As a subcontractor to DAI, Checchi provided support in the area of tax administration reform.
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Moldova – Millennium Challenge Account Governance Threshold Program
USAID (2007 - 2009)
As part of a consortium led by Millennium/IP3 Partners, Checchi provided long-term and short-term technical assistance to support the judicial reform and tax administration reform components of the Program. Checchi advisors worked to increase transparency and accountability by modernizing court processes, strengthening the monitoring capacity of civil society, and enhancing the use of information and communications technology within the judicial system, and by enabling the standardization and automation of tax assessment and collection procedures.
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Nicaragua - Institutional Strengthening Project
USAID (1999 - 2005)
In the late 1990s, Nicaragua embarked on an ambitious effort to reform and modernize its judicial system. Checchi was contracted to support this effort by assisting key justice sector institutions to prepare for and implement the reform legislation, including a criminal procedure code based on oral trials and other elements of the adversarial system. The assistance focused on two objectives: (i) establishing a public defense function to promote greater equity in the justice system; and (ii) strengthening the prosecutorial function to ensure more effective criminal investigations and prosecutions. Under the first objective, Checchi worked closely with the Nicaraguan Supreme Court to plan and establish a Public Defender's Office in Managua, and then successfully expand public defense services to the national level. Under the second objective, Checchi prepared prosecutors to implement the new adversarial procedures by strengthening the capacity of the newly-constituted Public Ministry to lead criminal investigations and prosecutions, and the capacity of the Attorney General's Office to prosecute corruption cases.
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Philippines – Millennium Challenge Account Threshold Program Technical Assistance
USAID (2006 - 2009)
The Millennium Challenge Act of 2003 authorized assistance to countries that enter into Compacts with the United States to support policies and programs for achieving lasting economic growth and poverty reduction. The Millennium Challenge Account Philippines Threshold Program (PTP), administered by USAID, was developed to help the Government of the Philippines meet the eligibility requirements for Compact funding through a series of targeted anti-corruption activities. Program components included assisting the Office of the Ombudsman, which has the authority to investigate and prosecute high-level government officials in its own courts, and improving compliance and enforcement at the country's principal revenue collection agencies. As part of a consortium led by Management Systems International, Checchi provided long-term and short-term technical assistance to the Philippines Bureau of Customs to improve surveillance and information management, harmonize customs laws, and establish internal controls.
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Philippines - Rule of Law Activity
USAID (2004 - 2007)
This USAID activity supported the efforts of the Government of the Philippines to improve public sector governance and strengthen the rule of law. The program's anti-corruption component focused on strengthening the capacity and effectiveness of the Office of the Ombudsman, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Civil Service Commission, the Anti-Money Laundering Council, and other implementing partners in combating corruption, while increasing public awareness of the effects of corruption and public participation in anti-corruption activities. The judicial reform component helped to implement the Supreme Court's Action Program for Judicial Reform in the areas of caseflow management, mediation, and judicial training. In collaboration with Management Systems International, Inc. (MSI), the prime contractor for this activity, Checchi provided long-term and short-term technical assistance for both components.
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Serbia - Government Accountability Initiative
USAID (2018 - 2022)
In February 2018, Checchi Consulting was awarded a four-year contract by USAID/Serbia to implement the Government Accountability Initiative. The overall goal of the Government Accountability Initiative is to strengthen the capacities of key Serbian stakeholders to increase government accountability at the national and local levels. At the national level, Checchi will provide technical assistance to the Anti-Corruption Agency and the State Audit Institution to strengthen the monitoring of public officials and government performance. In addition, the company will assist anti-corruption court units in managing corruption cases and help establish a system for the collection of unified statistics on corruption. At the local level, Checchi will provide technical assistance to help local governments operate in a more transparent and responsive manner, as well as support the development and implementation of local anti-corruption plans.
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West Bank/ Gaza - Accounting and Auditing Standards Activity
USAID (1997 - 1998)
Checchi assisted in developing a program to enhance the policy environment for mobilizing equity capital in West Bank/Gaza by facilitating workshops on standards and ethics in the accounting profession and designing a set of activities to promote the adoption and use of international best practices.
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