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Legal and Regulatory Reform
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Afghanistan - Rule of Law Project
USAID (2004 - 2009)
When the Taliban regime was removed from power in Afghanistan, the country faced the task of building a stable, democratic society and creating an environment of respect for the rule of law after almost a quarter century of conflict. As the implementing contractor for USAID's Afghanistan Rule of Law Project, Checchi contributed to this goal by helping Afghanistan rebuild its justice sector. The program was designed to strengthen justice sector systems and the education and training of legal personnel to operate within those systems; to develop capacity for law reform and legislative drafting; and to build linkages between the formal and traditional justice sectors. Activities included support for court administration, law schools, and the National Legal Training Center; student/faculty exchanges; assistance in drafting, codifying, and disseminating laws; and public education and awareness campaigns.
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Bolivia - Administration of Justice Program
USAID (2005 - 2010)
In February 2005, USAID awarded Checchi a four-year contract to implement the Bolivia Administration of Justice Program. The Program had three principal objectives: (1) strengthening the capacity of justice sector operators and institutions to successfully implement a new Criminal Procedure Code; (2) increasing access to justice through support for the establishment and expansion of Integrated Justice Centers; and (3) developing and promoting commercial and administrative law reforms. The first objective emphasized technical assistance and training activities to strengthen the Judicial Branch, the Public Ministry, the Public Defender's Office and the Forensic Investigation Institute. The second objective focused on technical assistance to expand the Integrated Justice Center Model, which provides mediation and other justice-related services to marginalized communities. With respect to the third objective, Checchi strengthened specialized commercial and administrative courts, as well as supported the establishment of arbitration and mediation centers at the national level.
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Bosnia - Assessment of Administrative Legal System
USAID (2008)
Checchi provided technical expertise for an assessment of the administrative legal system of Bosnia and Herzogovina (BiH). The assessment included an examination of BiH administrative law and procedures, and institutional obstacles to compliance with such rules. Recommendations emphasized reforms needed to improve the execution of administrative processes and reduce the backlog of utility cases clogging BiH courts.
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Central Asia - Commercial Law Drafting Project
USAID (1998 - 2001)
Building on work under a prior contract to strengthen the commercial law framework in Central Asia, Checchi specialists assisted in drafting, revising, and implementing commercial legislation in such key areas as bankruptcy, collateral law, the Civil Code, and company law. In Kyrgyzstan, the team drafted practical commentaries on Part 1 of the Civil Code and helped implement systems necessary to utilize the new legislation, including a corporate registration system at the Ministry of Justice and a public notice filing system for security interests and other liens. In Kazakhstan, the team supported the establishment of the Legislative Drafting Institute. In Tajikistan, the team assisted the working group on drafting Part I of the Civil Code and designed and implemented workshops on drafting techniques.
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Central Asia - Commercial Law Training Project
USAID (1998)
In 1995, Checchi initiated a commercial law training project in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan under the umbrella of the ARD/Checchi Rule of Law Consortiums legal institution-building program for the Newly Independent States (NIS). In 1998, after more than two years of successful training activities, ARD/Checchi received a second contract from USAID to continue the project in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and expand its reach to include Tajikistan. The technical assistance team developed and carried out a broad range of training programs for legal professionals, aimed at fostering the development of local training capacity and thereby establishing the basis for self-sustaining programs and ongoing institutional development.
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El Salvador - Justice System Improvement Program
USAID (2008 - 2012)
Checchi implemented a four-year task order under USAID's Rule of Law IQC to help strengthen the criminal justice system in El Salvador. The company provided technical assistance in the implementation of a new criminal procedure code. Among other activities, the Checchi team worked to promote better coordination between the National Civilian Police and the Attorney General's Office in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases. The team worked to strengthen the capacity for forensic investigation and increase the use of scientific evidence as a basis for conviction. In addition, Checchi provided assistance to the Attorney General's Office to reengineer its organizational structure and processes. Finally, Checchi assisted with the development and implementation of a Domestic Violence Initiative and a Rape Crisis Center Model.
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Guatemala - Security and Justice Sector Reform Project
USAID (2012 - 2018)
In August 2012, Checchi was awarded a five-year contract to execute the Security and Justice Sector Reform Project (SJSRP) in Guatemala. The Project will support institutional strengthening and reform efforts in the Judicial Branch, the Attorney General’s Office, the National Civilian Police, and other security and justice sector institutions. Among other activities, Checchi advisors will provide technical assistance for a broad range of security and justice sector reform initiatives; strengthen civil society to help increase accountability and encourage citizen participation in security and justice sector issues; and assist with the implementation of key legislation in such areas as organized crime, human trafficking, and domestic and sexual violence. The company also will support the design and implementation of a career development program for police officers and officials of the National Civilian Police, implement improvements in court administration, and help establish legal assistance offices for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

In November 2015, Checchi received a modification that added activities intended to improve the investigation and prosecution of environmental crimes and modernize the Supreme Court's IT system.

In September 2016, Checchi received a one-year extension of the SJSRP (through August 2018) that expands the Project's anti-corruption and legal reform activities. Among other activities, the company will support the establishment and strengthening of specialized courts for high-profile corruption cases, strengthen specialized prosecutors’ offices for extortion and corruption cases, and help develop modern, transparent justice sector processes.
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Indonesia - Economic Law, Institutional and Professional Strengthening Project (ELIPS II)
USAID (2001 - 2004)
The Economic Law, Institutional and Professional Strengthening (ELIPS II) activity was the fourth in a series of projects implemented by Checchi since 1992 to improve the legal and regulatory environment for business growth and investment in Indonesia. ELIPS II provided institution-building support and technical assistance to Indonesian institutions concerned with economic law development and regulatory enforcement, including the Ministry of Justice, the Competition Commission and other independent regulatory commissions, law schools, and professional associations. The project emphasized long-term training, particularly for members of the legal profession, and information and communication technology (ICT) applications. Checchi advisors also assisted in the drafting and socialization of economic laws and regulations, helped the regulatory commissions to function more effectively, and facilitated outreach programs to the media, the parliament, the commercial court system, local governments, and NGOs.
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Indonesia - Partnership for Economic Growth Activity
USAID (1998 - 2003)
Checchi was jointly responsible with Nathan Associates, Inc. for implementing the Partnership for Economic Growth (PEG) activity, at the time USAID's principal means of assisting Indonesia to restore investor confidence in the economy, strengthen economic and financial governance, and promote sustained liberalization of domestic competition and international trade. A team of long-term advisors and short-term experts provided analytical support on key policy issues to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Business, the National Planning Agency, and the Central Bank. PEG also managed a $5 million program of grants to partnered U.S. and Indonesian organizations aimed at developing Indonesian policy-making capabilities. PEG grantees were involved in supporting the implementation of Indonesia's new competition law, promoting policy reform in the small enterprise sector, capacity building on decentralization issues, and related institutional strengthening and policy initiatives.
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Indonesia - Promoting Deregulation and Competition Project
Asian Development Bank (2001 - 2002)
As part of a comprehensive effort to strengthen the competitive environment for economic activity, Indonesia established an independent regulatory commission to investigate and adjudicate complaints of anti-competitive practices, and a task force to review and streamline the regulatory framework. Under the Promoting Deregulation and Competition (PDC) project, Checchi helped build the capacity of the commission and the task force to identify and evaluate government policies, laws, and regulations that inhibit competition. This assistance included establishing a framework and procedures for screening policy and regulatory proposals and conducting public benefits reviews, identifying regulations imposing high compliance costs on small businesses, and organizing policy dissemination and outreach activities.
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Indonesia - Economic Law and Improved Procurement Systems Project (ELIPS I)
USAID (1992 - 2001)
Checchi was the prime contractor for this project to provide technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia in the areas of economic law development, legal training, legal information systems development, and procurement management development. The purpose of the project was to modernize the commercial law and government procurement regimes in Indonesia, thereby improving the environment for business growth and foreign investment. Long-term advisors worked with Indonesian government agencies and law schools to implement the four project components. Technical assistance activities included research and drafting of commercial laws and legislation; upgrading of the commercial law curriculum at the University of Indonesia and other leading law schools; strengthening of government procurement regulations and practices; and establishing a system for collecting, storing, and disseminating legal information.
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Kosovo - Contract Law Enforcement
USAID (2013 - 2018)
In May 2013, Checchi Consulting was awarded a three-year contract by USAID to implement the Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo. The CLE Program will build upon the accomplishments of the Kosovo SEAD Program, which was implemented by the Company from 2009 to 2012. The CLE Program has two components. Under the first component, the Company will work to make the enforcement of civil judgments more effective and efficient; establish a new enforcement system; and reduce the backlog of enforcement cases in the court system. Checchi advisors will help develop standard operating procedures and performance standards for court enforcement personnel, as well as support the Ministry of Justice in drafting and promulgating regulations for the system’s operation. Under the second component, Checchi advisors will work with the Ministry of Justice and other government counterparts to develop new commercial legislation, with a focus on secondary legislation for the recently-enacted Law on Obligations. The Company also will help establish mediation offices in conjunction with the courts through the second component of the Program.

In April 2016, Checchi Consulting received a 22-month extension of its contract to implement the USAID-funded Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo. During the extension period, the Company will provide technical assistance to the courts to resolve approximately 100,000 cases in order to eliminate the enforcement backlog, as well as improve the statistical reporting on enforcement cases done by the courts and the Kosovo Judicial Council. Activities in commercial law will be continued, resulting in the finalization and implementation of new laws pertaining to bankruptcy, late payments, business organization and mediation. All activities will be accompanied by public education and outreach efforts to ensure that the business community, and citizens in general, are aware of changes to enforcement systems and the commercial law framework.
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Kosovo – Systems for Enforcing Agreements and Decisions (SEAD) Program
USAID (2009 - 2012)
Since achieving independence in 2008, Kosovo has faced the challenge of establishing a system for enforcing legal agreements and court decisions that are necessary to stimulate domestic economic growth and foreign investment. In particular, the responsibility given to municipal court judges for executing utility bills and other minor claims has left the courts with large backlogs of civil cases and diverted resources from protecting the contract and property rights of citizens and businesses. As USAID's implementing partner for the SEAD Program, Checchi is working with local institutions to address these challenges through the introduction of stronger enforcement and dispute resolution mechanisms. Program components focus on promoting the acceptance and use of standardized contracts and binding obligations in commercial transactions, streamlining procedures for the enforcement of judgments, and developing an effective system for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Kosovo that is consistent with international standards.
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Kyrgyzstan - Infrastructure for a Market Economy Project
USAID (1999 - 2006)
The Legal Infrastructure for a Market Economy (LIME) Project provided technical assistance to develop commercial law and a modern legal culture in Kyrgyzstan. The Project worked with government counterparts to draft and review legislation and develop new legal structures; organized seminars and workshops for legal professionals, educators, and the business community on current law and practice; and promoted legal awareness by producing and broadly distributing a wide range of legal information products. The Project played an active role in drafting efforts related to the Land Code, the Law on Land Governance, the Law on Commercial Arbitration, the Civil Code, the Tax Code, and other commercial legislation. Project personnel also worked directly with businessmen and civil society groups to teach them how to use the law in their work and in their daily lives.
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Kyrgyzstan - Strengthening Corporate Governance and Judicial Reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic
Asian Development Bank (2002 - 2003)
Checchi implemented this two-part technical assistance project to support a major program of corporate governance and enterprise reforms by the Kyrgyz Government. Part 1 included advisory and capacity building support with respect to: (i) promotion of corporate sector development and corporate governance; (ii) improving the legal and regulatory framework for corporate governance; and (iii) the introduction of international accounting standards. Part 2 focused on assisting the new Judicial Advisory Commission to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of legal and judicial sector weaknesses and disseminate the findings of the assessment within the judiciary, civil society, the private sector, and the donor community. The international technical assistance team, consisting of five specialists in various aspects of corporate governance and judicial reform, was responsible for supervising and guiding the work of 12 locally-recruited accountants and legal consultants.
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Kyrgyzstan - Regulatory Reform Project
USAID (1999 - 2002)
Checchi was a prime contractor for this two-year project to improve the business climate and investment regime in the Kyrgyz Republic by reducing the high burden of regulatory requirements, with emphasis on small businesses and agribusiness enterprises. In addition to core areas of regulatory reform (business registration, licensing, inspections, standards and certifications), the scope of the project included modernization of administrative laws and procedures, capacity building in policy analysis and regulatory impact analysis skills; and development of pilot regulatory reform activities at the local level. Among other activities, Checchi assisted in preparing a data bank of business regulations; modernizing procedures for certifications and standards; rationalizing inspection requirements; conducting pilot projects in two localities; and training officials in policy analysis and cost-benefit analysis of licensing proposals.
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Lesotho - Long Term Strategy for the Legal Sector, Government of Lesotho
World Bank (1995 - 1996)
Checchi worked with the Law Reform Commission of Lesotho to create a long-term strategy for the development of four targeted areas within the legal sector: (i) access to and dissemination of legal information; (ii) dispute settlement mechanisms; (iii) financial institutions regulations; and (iv) women's legal rights. Expatriate specialists were teamed with local experts to analyze each area and develop recommendations.
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Madagascar - Legal Support Services
Millennium Challenge Corporation (2005 - 2006)
Madagascar was the first Compact-eligible country selected by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the first country to negotiate a Compact with the MCC. Checchi, with a law firm as subcontractor, is one of five holders of the MCC's Legal Support Services Indefinite Quantity Contracts. Checchi was awarded the first MCC task order to assist in completing the necessary legal documentation, both for the MCC and for the government of Madagascar, required for the Madagascar Compact to be executed and implemented.
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Madagascar - Legal, Regulatory, and Judicial Reform Project
USAID (1998 - 2001)
To reverse the downward spiral of its economy, Madagascar faced the imperative of creating a legal environment more conducive to private sector investment and development. Under this project, Checchi provided assistance to the process of business law reform and helped to create and implement alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms. The Project's Business Law Reform component focused on improving the legal framework for trade and investment, assisting the government of Madagascar in applying international best practices in redrafting and updating its property, company, financial and labor laws. In ADR, Checchi provided commentary on Madagascar's draft Arbitration Law, leading to the incorporation of UNCITRAL principles in the law as enacted by the National Assembly, helped establish the Madagascar Arbitration and Mediation Association, and worked to build arbitration and mediation capacity and demand.
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Mexico - Rule of Law III
USAID (2009 - 2011)
Under a subcontract with Management Systems International, Inc. (MSI), Checchi provided long-term technical assistance to USAID/Mexico’s Rule of Law III Program, focusing on the component to strengthen and enhance law enforcement. Among other activities, Checchi assisted with the development of a comprehensive training and continuing education program for police officers. Checchi helped design and implement programs to train police in such subjects as the new criminal justice system, criminal investigation, preservation and conservation of crime scenes, and human rights. Checchi also assisted in the development of training of trainers courses to promote the sustainability of these programs.
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Mexico - Strengthened Rule of Law Project
USAID (2004 - 2007)
Under a subcontract with Management Systems International, Inc. (MSI), Checchi worked on a program to strengthen the rule of law in Mexico by increasing the effectiveness of the criminal justice system and expanding access to justice for marginalized populations. The program supported Mexico's transition to an oral/adversarial system, which required extensive changes to how justice was administered. Among other activities, the program assisted with the passage and implementation of code reforms, the training of justice sector operators, and improvements in court administration at the federal and state levels.
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Moldova - Business Regulatory and Tax Administration Reform Project
USAID (2007 - 2010)
The Business Regulatory and Tax Administration Reform (BRTA) Project sought to improve Moldova's business enabling environment by reducing the administrative burdens on the private sector, streamlining tax administration, curtailing opportunities for corruption, and improving the access for citizens and businesses to government information. The BRTA Project placed considerable emphasis on promoting public awareness and support for policy reforms to create a better business environment. It also stressed the creative deployment of information and communications technology (ICT) to facilitate transparent data management, streamlined administrative processes, and enhanced private-public sector partnerships. As a subcontractor to DAI, Checchi provided support in the area of tax administration reform.
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Serbia - Rule of Law Project
USAID (2017 - 2021)
In July 2017, Checchi Consulting was awarded a four-year subcontract to help implement the USAID-funded Rule of Law Project in Serbia. The prime contractor is Development Professionals, Inc., a small business. Checchi will provide technical assistance in strengthening the enforcement of judgments, information technology and case management, legislative reform, and monitoring and evaluation of project activities.
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Tajikistan - Legal Infrastructure for a Market Economy Project
USAID (1999 - 2006)
In 1995, Checchi was selected by USAID to undertake a commercial law training and drafting project in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan under the umbrella of the ARD/Checchi Rule of Law Consortium. After several years of successful activities, Checchi and ARD received a second contract from USAID to continue the project and expand its reach to include Tajikistan. To help create supportive legal environments for market-oriented economies, the Tajikistan project has provided institutional development support for judicial training and legislative drafting units and developed local training capacity and substantive knowledge through intensive workshops on commercial and criminal laws. The Project has also managed a court modernization initiative, organized judicial examinations and a merit-based system for judicial appointments, supported an independent Judicial Training Center, assisted in establishing a collateral registry, and worked with the International Banking Institute to establish a bankruptcy trustee program for the commercial courts.
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Tanzania - Study of Administrative Support Requirements of Legal Sector Institutions
Government of Tanzania/World Bank (2004)
To support the Government of Tanzania's World Bank-financed Legal Sector Reform Programme, Checchi made a comprehensive assessment of the administrative support requirements of the Tanzanian judiciary, legal registries, and other legal institutions and commissions. The study provided recommendations with respect to the roles and functions of administrative support staff, recruitment strategies, training and capacity-building programs, and remuneration policy.
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Ukraine - Regulatory Reform Initiative
USAID (1999 - 2002)
In February 1998, a Presidential Decree on Eliminating Restrictions to Business Development made regulatory reform an official priority of the Ukrainian government. To assist Ukraine in reducing invasive economic regulation and increasing the transparency and effectiveness of regulatory and legal actions, Checchi provided technical assistance in regulatory review and analysis, organized training programs in regulatory policy decision making, conducted research on the effects of deregulation, implemented regional pilot projects, and supported non-governmental organizations and the business community to advocate for regulatory reform.
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Ukraine - Enforcement of Contracts and Judgements
USAID (1999 - 2000)
To assist USAID in better understanding the status of the legal environment in Ukraine and develop appropriate interventions, Checchi participated in an assessment of processes for enforcement of contracts and judgements. The final assessment report provided recommendations for approaches to overcome constraints to effective enforcement.
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West Bank/Gaza - Policy Formulation and Legislative Drafting
USAID (1997 - 1999)
The Palestinian Executive Authority (PEA), established in May 1994 under the Oslo I Peace Accord between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, was charged with administering the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The fledgling PEA had many needs, including the capacity to draft legislation and formulate policies that complied with legal norms and quality standards, and that incorporated the input of citizens and other interested parties. To assist in building this capacity, Checchi's team worked with the Palestinian Ministries of Justice and Planning and International Cooperation to develop internal systems and trained Ministry of Justice staff in legislative drafting techniques.
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