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Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IQC)

Checchi is currently a prime contractor or subcontractor on the following IQCs with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Evaluation Services, 2010 - 2015
USAID Contract No. RAN-I-00-09-00016 (Subcontractor to International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc.)

The purpose of this contract is to provide USAID operating units with technical and advisory services for evaluation activities worldwide. This includes designing and implementing both quantitative and qualitative evaluation studies and assessments; developing evaluation training and guidance; and providing evaluation technical assistance for USAID development programs. The services may be used by USAID missions and Washington Bureaus to undertake evaluations at the level of particular activities and interventions, for evaluations of broader program and strategic objectives, and/or for cross-country evaluations, mid-term, final, or impact evaluations, and other results-oriented program planning.   

International Rule of Law Technical Assistance, 2004 – 2012
USAID Contract No. DFD-I-00-04-00170-00 (Prime Contractor)

Task orders under this IQC assist USAID’s Office of Democracy and Governance and field missions to promote a rule of law consistent with respect for human rights and market based economics, commitment to legal equality, and democratic principles. The assistance may include the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs to modernize legal and regulatory frameworks, strengthen justice sector institutions, ensure equal access to justice, and build constituencies for reform.

Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform: General Business, Trade and Investment (SEGIR-GBTI II), 2007-2012
USAID Contract No. EEM-1-00-07-00009 (Subcontractor to Development Alternatives Inc. and Nathan Associates, Inc.)

USAID's primary program objectives for GBTI II focus on devising and implementing robust strategies to promote real economic growth, reduce poverty, graduate transitional countries from aid to trade, promote open competitive markets, develop the private sector, and mobilize private financing sources to supplement and eventually replace development assistance.  Task orders may cover all major areas of business, trade, and investment development and reform.

Encouraging Global Anticorruption and Good Governance (ENGAGE), 2008-2013
USAID Contract No. DFD-I-00-08-00072-00 (Subcontractor to Management Systems International, Inc.)

ENGAGE provides USAID and its partner countries with the broad range of technical assistance, assessments, and other resources necessary to develop and implement appropriate and meaningful strategies to curb corruption in economic, political, and social service sectors.  The activities under this IQC address three broad areas:  1) public financial, administrative, and regulatory measures that promote transparency, accountability, and effective governance;  2) civil society advocacy on behalf of governmental integrity, implementation of anticorruption programs, and/or oversight of public functions and authorities; and  3) incorporation of anticorruption promotion into other sectoral/sub-sectoral areas and into key aspects of democracy promotion.

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